Dental Fillings in Truckee

Is your child complaining about a toothache? There is a chance they have a cavity. Fortunately, Dr. Matthew Gustafsson and the team at Truckee Pediatric Dentistry are here to help. We specialize in dental fillings for children in the Truckee area.

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Dental Fillings in Truckee

What are pediatric dental fillings?

A pediatric dental filling is a restorative dental procedure used to replace or fill in a cavity on the surface of a child's tooth. Fillings can also repair cracked or broken teeth and correct any damage caused by decay.

At Truckee Pediatric Dentistry, our team specializes in pediatric dental fillings. We use the latest techniques and materials to ensure that your child's teeth are restored with the most advanced treatments available. We aim to provide your child with safe and effective dental fillings to give them the best possible outcome for their smile.

Dental Fillings in Truckee

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Even though baby teeth eventually fall out, treating cavities is still essential. Untreated cavities can lead to pain and infection, potentially affecting the development and alignment of adult teeth.

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Benefits Of Dental Fillings

Enhancing strength

When a pediatric dentist places a filling in one of your child's teeth, it not only seals out decay but also strengthens a weakened tooth. This provides the much-needed support to keep the tooth safe from further damage and injury.

Restoring appearance

Fillings can help restore the shape and appearance of a child's tooth. This way, tooth structure damaged by decay can be restructured for an aesthetically pleasing look and feel that makes your child's smile even brighter.

Pain relief

Treating cavities with dental fillings can alleviate tooth pain and sensitivity, making your child more comfortable eating, drinking, and speaking.

Dental Fillings Process at Truckee Pediatric Dentistry

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At the initial appointment, Dr. Matthew Gustafsson will evaluate your child's tooth and make sure that the cavity fits the criteria for a filling. He'll also check for underlying issues like decay or gum disease. If other treatments are necessary, he'll inform you before filling.

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Cleaning and preparation

Once it's determined that a filling is necessary, Dr. Gustafsson will use special tools to clean out the cavity, removing any plaque and bacteria to provide a clean surface for the filling material.

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Next, Dr. Gustafsson will prepare the affected area by shaping it before inserting a protective coating of fluoride varnish to protect against further damage or decay. He will then choose a composite resin or amalgam for your filling, which is applied and molded into place before being hardened with ultraviolet light.

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Frequently Asked Questions

It's normal for your child to experience tooth sensitivity, especially to hot and cold foods and drinks, for a few days after the procedure. However, this sensitivity should subside over time. After placing the filling, Dr. Mathew will provide instructions on how to care for your child's teeth, including proper brushing and flossing techniques.

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The lifespan of a dental filling will depend on the type used and how well it is cared for. Silver amalgam lasts about 10-15 years, while composite resin lasts an average of 7-10 years with proper care and maintenance.

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