Is Silver Diamine Fluoride Application Right for My Child?

Even adults get nervous when they have to see a dentist for a cavity, so it’s not surprising that a child may be scared whenever that dreaded dental drill makes an appearance.

But there may be a way to prevent cavities and spare your child from these anxious moments: silver diamine fluoride.

Is it safe? Should your child get this treatment? Find out the answers below!

What Is Silver Diamine Fluoride? 

Silver Diamine Fluoride (SDF) is an important part of pediatric preventative dentistry. It’s a blend of materials applied directly to your child’s teeth to kill bacteria and prevent cavities from forming. Moreover, it can also remineralize the tooth and stops cavities from progressing in their beginning stages. 

It’s a non-invasive and perfectly safe procedure that can be applied to multiple teeth in the same dental appointment. The solution, which is made from silver, ammonia, and fluoride, is rubbed into the dry tooth and cured with a special UV light. That’s it! 

When Is SDF Necessary? 

SDF can be a great solution for:

  • Very young children: Brushing a toddler’s teeth is easier said than done. But without proper oral care, the child is more likely to develop cavities. SDF can be used as a precautionary method to prevent dental damage.
  • Special needs kids: Likewise, special needs kids are more likely to develop cavities due to difficulty cleaning their teeth. SDF helps ensure they develop happy and healthy smiles.
  • High-risk: Some kids have a genetic predisposition to cavities, so even with good oral hygiene habits, they may still be at risk. SDF helps mitigate these risks and helps your child prevent or even reverse the formation of cavities.

When Is SDF Not Suitable?

First, parents should understand that silver diamine fluoride cannot replace the role of at-home oral hygiene. Even after its application, you still need to make sure your child is brushing and flossing their teeth properly every day. Otherwise, they may still develop cavities and other oral health issues, like gum disease. 

SDF is also not suitable for treating large cavities. In these cases, your child may still need a dental filling or even a crown if the cavity is large enough. 

Lastly, silver diamine fluoride is not a good solution for children with a silver allergy. Though the amount of metal is small, your pediatric dentist will still recommend an alternative treatment if your child is allergic to silver.

Find Out If Silver Diamine Fluoride Is Right for Your Child

Bring your child to see Dr. Matthew Gustafsson and find out if SDF is right for them, or get another treatment that can help them develop a stunning and healthy smile. 

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