How Do I Prepare My Child For A Dental Filling?

Does your child have a cavity? Then your pediatric dentist may have told you they need dental fillings.

Parents can understandably be worried about the whole process and wonder what they can do to ensure it runs as smoothly as possible.

Here are a few useful tips to prepare your child for their first filling: 

1. Stay Calm

If you are worried, nervous, or downright scared, so is your child.

Kids are incredibly perceptive, and they can sense that something’s going on. It’s best to try and remain calm to show your child there is nothing to worry about—because, really, there isn’t!

2. Talk to Them About It

Children are more likely to fear the unknown, so it’s a good idea to explain to them what a filling is and why they need it.

Let them know that filling is important for their oral health to make sure their smiles will grow strong and healthy. You can also take them through the process and explain the steps:

  • First, the dentist will ask them to open their mouth to look at the tooth.
  • Then, the tooth is cleaned of the cavity.
  • The filling material is applied to the tooth and shaped.
  • The dentist uses a special light to make the material hard.

3. Talk to Your Dentist

At the end of the day, you’re the one who knows your child best. If they are really nervous at the dentist’s office, have an issue with loud noises like the ones from a drill, or have special needs, talk about this openly with your pediatric dentist in Truckee.

They may recommend a mild sedative like laughing gas to help the child feel more comfortable. It’s perfectly safe, and its effects are short-lived, so by the time you’re ready to leave the appointment, your child will not be under its effects anymore. 

4. Share Your Experience

There’s no shame in needing a filling, but some children can inevitably see it as such or think of it as punishment.

You can make them feel better about it if you share your own experiences. Let them know if you’ve also had cavities in the past and that they are really common and easily fixed by the dentist.

5. Plan a Fun Day

Don’t make the day all about the filling. Give your child something else to look forward to after their appointment, like going to the movies or their favorite park.

This can reward their good behavior at the dentist’s office and give them something fun to focus on rather than stress about their trip to the dentist.

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