Truckee Pediatric Dentistry is proud to have helped children achieve a lifetime of great oral health. Dr. Matthew Gustafsson, your local Truckee pediatric dentist, and his team are ready to help with children’s dentistry throughout the formative years of childhood. Over the years, we have treated hundreds and hundreds of wonderful patients, and below are just some of the amazing success stories that we have been so lucky to have a part in.


“My daughter absolutely loves going to the dentist because of Dr Gustafsson and his staff. She's even had cavities and teeth pulled, and still loves it. I've witnessed how they treat other children there who are scared, and it's amazing. I only wish he worked on adults or someone like him was around when I was a child, I might not be so terrified of dentists now! Couldn't recommend them more. Thank you!”


- Naomi K.


“Dr G. and his staff are amazing. Both of my children (7 and 4) look forward to our visits. My daughter just had 4 baby teeth pulled without a tear. Thank you for making the process a piece of cake. I highly recommend Truckee Pediatric Dentistry!”

- Amber M.

“We LOVE these guys! The space is very comfortable and inviting for kids and the entire staff is great with children. Dr. Gustafsson is incredibly caring, knowledgeable, reasonable, and realistic. My son, who absolutely hates going to the doctor's office, LOVES the dentist. He's 2.5 years old and after we left our last appointment he told me he wanted to be a dentist someday.”

- Wendy L.

“We highly recommend this office! Our son is very comfortable and is not afraid of going to the dentist. He is currently three and talks about going to the dentist and that the dentist keeps his teeth nice and white. We love his positive association with going to the dentist! It is a professional and efficient office and we will continue to see Dr. G until our son outgrows pediatric dentistry.”

- Lisa T.

“Dr. G and the team are wonderful. My daughter just had a cavity filled and it was so quick and easy. Dr. G explained each step and made sure she was OK. The movies, sugar-free lollipops, and prizes help too! Both my kids can't wait to return to the dentist- such a great foundation for their long-term dental health.”

- Lindy W.

“I was amazed to see my little 3 year old sitting so comfortably and calmly getting her teeth cleaned. She even was completely comfortable getting x-rays. I think this is in large part due to the staff who are clearly comfortable with small children and know just what to say and how to approach them so that they're not intimidated or scared. My daughter spent the rest of the day talking about her adventure at the dentist's office and is excited for her next visit in 6 months! Thank you!”

- M. H.

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