Meet Dr. Matthew Gustafsson

A Love for Pediatric Dentistry

In my opinion, I have the best job in the world. Each day I have the privilege of teaching and caring for my patients. Each day I get to hang out with the coolest kids. We talk, tell jokes, and laugh, and I learn all about their greatest adventures. What’s not to love?

I am honored that I get to partner with my patients and their parents, working together to create healthy smiles for a lifetime. One of my passions is educating on the causes of dental disease and how to prevent it, and explaining how oral health relates to overall health. The majority of my patients are strongly committed to preventing dental disease. They often have numerous questions that nobody has taken the time to answer before they came to my practice. It’s a pleasure to spend my days with intelligent, inquisitive young people.

Being a pediatric dentist is an absolutely wonderful profession. It’s a joy to spend my time hanging out with a bunch of kids. The smiles they wear, the jokes they tell, the hugs they give, make each and every day so special and rewarding. My goal is to help each child have the confidence of a wonderful, healthy smile. I hope I can have as much of a positive impact on them as they have on me.

Education and Continuing Education

I am committed to delivering unrivaled care to my patients, and using the best technology and most current scientific information available. By participating in numerous continuing education courses throughout the year, I’m able to learn about the newest technological and treatment advances, and how they can benefit my patients.

Professional Affiliations

Personal Life

I’m originally from Lafayette CA, but love calling Truckee my home. I’m married to the most wonderful, supportive, and loving wife a man could ask for. Erica and I have been married for more than 15 years and have been blessed with three beautiful boys.

Aidan is my oldest and an avid skier who eagerly awaits the next powder day! When the snow is gone, he’s tearing up the trails on his mountain bike. Ethan is our middle child and our little comedian. There are never-ending “knock-knock” jokes when he’s around. Ethan is also our gamer: he loves nothing more than playing a good game of Pictionary, Settlers of Catan, or cards. Callum, our little firecracker, was born on the Fourth of July. He loves to swim and do anything in the water. Someday I imagine he’ll be hanging out at the beach with a surfboard, catching the waves. Our final family member is our Golden Retriever, Lightning.

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